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UK to Australia by Microlight

Paraplegic British Pilot, Dave Sykes has spent the last several months flying his Quik Microlight from Yorkshire, in England’s north to Australia.

Dave lost the use of his legs in a motorcycle accident 18 years ago, but, decided to “grow wings” instead. He’s tried skydiving, but broke a leg on his second jump, subsequently receiving an ultimatum from his girlfriend.

So his current adventure is flying his microlight all the way to Australia. On the way he’s encountered storms, breakdowns and politics, including being detained airside in Saudi Arabia for 36 hours. Not sure which would be worse … 36 hours detention or thunderstorms.

The aircraft is Rotax 912 powered, and has a maximum TOW of just 450 kg. With auxiliary tank, he has 135 ltrs fuel and over 500 miles range. Shown above is his earlier Pegasus aircraft.

Look for him coming down through Queensland and on to Bankstown, then Newcastle.

His website is at

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