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Local Aviation Identity in Fatal Plane Crash

Sad news from the Lockyer Valley with the loss of Terry Kronk when his engine failed on takeoff from Emu Gully. Martin Hone, long-time friend of Terry’s, tells the story:

You would have heard by now of the latest accident here in SEQ when fellow Airpark lot owner and aviation identity Terry Kronk went down in his own-built Mustang replica when the engine failed during take off from Emu Gully.. We had been preparing a number of aircraft to fly over to the nearby Toowoomba Airport for a celebration of the city’s 100 anniversary.

Terry Kronk inpects his Mustang at Gatton Airpark

Terry Kronk inpects his Mustang at Gatton Airpark

Two days prior, we had been filming the aircraft on the Thursday, some of which I posted on Youtube the next day, unedited. Little did we know what was to happen. At this stage it points to a PSRU (redrive) failure, an area that has been an issue from day one. Terry was a very skilled pilot, but no one could have saved it on this day.

I don’t know what your thoughts are but Terry was a very understated person, so many probably aren’t aware of his achievements in the amateur-built sport aircraft arena, including the V8 Spitfire, radial Focke-Wolf, V8 Mustang plus the yet to be finished radial Bearcat and twin V12 powered Mosquito replicas.

This is a link to the video I posted on Youtube Friday – feel free to use it as it may give those interested in his life some insight, however limited.

Below is an email I received yesterday from a friend in Perth, that had visited with us the week previous. Sums it up pretty well.


What sad news to receive – you must both be devastated. It was surreal to receive your message so soon after meeting Terry and sharing a meal together only a few short days ago. The quality of his work and vision were (and remain) an inspiration to me. It is indeed a great loss to Terry’s family, friends, community and aviation in general.

I feel blessed and honoured to have met him and have shared photos and video of the beautiful P51 widely with friends and family since my return home. I have a renewed sense of how precious life is, and an enduring wonder at what people who choose to live out large and audacious dreams can do.

I honour Terry’s memory and legacy by building quality and style into my own aircraft and by refusing to live small.


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