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Gold Coast at 500 feet and 120kts

Yours truly went to Sydney last week and returned yesterday (Mon 8th Oct).

We departed Warnervale about 15 mins after first light and had a beautiful flight up through Williamtown, Coffs and on up to Casino in about 2:30.

As we approached Casino, the clouds became lower as the ground became higher, so we stopped briefly for some of the well-known hospitality made famous at the Casino Aero Club. Harry treated us to a cuppa while we decided our next move…

There was no getting over the border ranges so, we opted for a run up the coast, through the Gold Coast CTR. So here’s a bit of video of the run from just past the CTR boundary (on the north of) to a little before Jumpinpin.

A nice run at 120kts and 500 feet :)

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