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Yes, we’re still here!

Hi All.

I received an email from Brian G (he knows who I mean) this morning asking if he’d been dropped from the mailing list of this site. Well I have to say, I was pleased to get his email. It means, I’m happy to say, that someone reads my blog, and apparently looks forward to receiving the latest from Ultralight Aircraft Australia. So to answer Brian’s question, No, He hadn’t been “dropped”. Here’s what’s happening:

My wife, (the lovely Sandra) and I have been away overseas for the last 13 months, so sadly, you may have noticed that the website has been a little neglected. Not entirely, but fairly substantially.

I’ve done a post or two about places and events in the UK, and quite probably will do some more of Uk/Euro places in the future when we resume our travels. But not being in Oz and on-the-spot to hear what’s happening there has inevitably meant that the blog has suffered.

I’m sorry, folks. I’ll try to do better!

You can help…. I’ve often wondered if anyone reads the blog. When I started it, I also had a forum for use by the members, but it received such a small amount of traffic that I didn’t feel it was worth the effort maintaining it. So you can see that I’m encouraged when someone actually seems to be looking forward to hearing from me.

If you have some news you think is worthy of publishing, or a photo or two you might like to share, please let me know. It would be great to expand the site and make it better for all. Above all, It would be nice to see you make the occasional comment. Don’t be shy about making fun of my mistakes/stupidities, etc, it’s all grist for the mill, and I really don’t mind. Above all, I don’t think the blog should just be a monologue.

If you’re a real masochist, and for some crazy reason may want to follow the continuing adventures of Colin & Sandra, adventurers extraordinaire, you might also like to take a look at … nothing at all (or very little) to do with aeroplanes, but much ado about our European motorhome travels. I don’t yet have it set up so that you can subscribe to it directly, but when I do, I’ll let you know. At the moment, we’re planning to go to Turkey and Greece this (northern) winter, and tossing around the idea of spending some time in the US, getting a motorhome there and visiting such places as Oshkosh, Fun ‘n’ Sun, etc. Maybe you’ll enjoy reading about it.

I try to be careful and stay on topic, which here is Ultralights. So that’s all I’ll say about Euronomads this time around.

But I thank you for your continued interest in this site and hope that I can entertain you with more aviation stories into the future.

Thanks again, Brian. :o)

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