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The Perfect Day

(Minus the BJ :)  )

You’ll like this one guys. Got an email from Gatton’s Flying Copper, AKA Mark Gamer, about what a great day he had. Seems, well, why don’t I let him tell you the story…..


So the call came on Wednesday:-

Nigel: Hey big fella, what ya doing tomorrow?

Me: Nuffin, I’m on a day off.
Nigel: Want to ferry a Yak-52 from Caboolture to Boonah for me?
Me: Sure, why not (not wanting to sound too eager).

So yesterday I flew my RV-7 from Gatton to Boonah. Got picked up by Nigel and mate in a yellow four seat Yak-18T at Boonah. Flew Boonah to Caboolture in the 18T chucking an ‘aileron roll’ on the way. Jumped in a lovely Yak-52 and flew back to Boonah chucking a few more ‘aileron rolls’. Then flew my RV-7 from Boonah back to Gatton airpark.

Is that not the best day off ever?

Yak-52 roll 2

Yak-52 roll 2




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