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Open Letter to SEQ Members

Open letter to RAAus Members in South Queensland

Hi All,

My name is John McKeown, and I am seeking your support for a final term as one of your South Queensland Representatives on the RAAus Board.

My election profile is in the magazine for all to read, so I won’t list that again here. However I ask you to clearly consider the profiles of the candidates for South Queensland and cast your vote for the candidate who best fits your own values and philosophy.

I ask those of you who have a similar philosophy to myself to cast your first vote for me. I will do all in my power to represent the views of the majority, and make known to the Board the views of the minority. At the moment the biggest issue I see in the Association is a push by some for total secrecy of all Board matters. I fully agree in the need for some matters to be kept secret eg an accident investigation, or an in process disciplinary matter, however we are an association of members, we are not a public company in the normal sense, and you, the members have a right to be kept fully informed of what is happening in your association.

Currently I am the only Board member who has refused to sign the total secrecy document, and I have been bringing the knowledge of this document to the attention of local members. A formal motion has been passed and is still on the books binding not only all Board members but now also any observers at Board meetings to total secrecy. This current ruling has made every single matter discussed at Board level, regardless of how trivial, or relevant to members to be kept absolutely secret unless agreed unanimously by the Board to be made public.

In the past all association members had the right to sit in on Board members as observers except for matters discussed “In Camera” This has been my main argument for refusing to sign the document. By doing so I would be giving up my rights as an ordinary member. To overcome this objection the total secrecy people brought in the current motion covering all Association Members, and forcing them to total secrecy of all Board matters.

To me total secrecy breeds many ills, among them corruption, laziness, nepotism, and incompetence, to name a few.

If reelected I will do all in my power to have this motion rescinded at the coming AGM and do all I can to make the workings of our association open and transparent.


John McKeown
Ph, +61 4387 28311 Australian mobile
Ph, +372 5771 1483 International mobile

**If you wish to contact John, he is currently in Turkey. You can reach him on the international number shown above.

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