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J3 Cub Gets F-16 Escort

75 year old Myrtle Rose likes to fly her 1941 J3 Cub in the Chicago area whenever the weather is looking nice. Our kind of lady.

So when her computer wasn’t working and she couldn’t look for current Notams, she didn’t really think too much of it. Until two F-16’s fell into formation beside her.

As it happened, President Obama was is town on that day, celebrating his 50th birthday, and she had inadvertently breached a temporary no-fly zone, hence the escort.

She thought the F-16 pilots had simply stopped by to admire her aeroplane, a recent best-in-class winner at Oshkosh.

What a surprise to then find herself surrounded by police when she returned to her home field.

As I said, our kind of lady.

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