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LAA Rally, Sywell, 2013

In August every year, the UK’s Light Aircraft Association (LAA) holds a fly-in; this year it’s being held in Sywell, Northamptonshire. Here’s a few piccies of of the first days’ happenings. Both Sandra & I felt that it wasn’t as busy as it has been in years past, but it was nice to look at […]

Extra 300 Aerobatics

Extra 300 aerobatics
Extra 300 aerobatics

Queensland copper and Gatton Airpark resident, Mark Gamer, does it in an Extra 300 off the California coast. Someone has to do it. Thanks for the link, Mark.     

Tribute to Wayne Fisher

Somebody (ausadvancedelectrical) has put together a video of Wayne Fisher at Evans Head…. Nice video. A big loss. Thanks for the link, Martin.     

Muddy Takeoff in Siberia

Anyone want to fly with a Russian airline? Think about this if you’re ever tempted…     

Local Aviation Identity in Fatal Plane Crash

Sad news from the Lockyer Valley with the loss of Terry Kronk when his engine failed on takeoff from Emu Gully. Martin Hone, long-time friend of Terry’s, tells the story: You would have heard by now of the latest accident here in SEQ when fellow Airpark lot owner and aviation identity Terry Kronk went down […]

Helicopter to the Rescue!

Okay, it’s not an ultralight, but hey, this is so cool!     

Gold Coast at 500 feet and 120kts

Yours truly went to Sydney last week and returned yesterday (Mon 8th Oct). We departed Warnervale about 15 mins after first light and had a beautiful flight up through Williamtown, Coffs and on up to Casino in about 2:30. As we approached Casino, the clouds became lower as the ground became higher, so we stopped […]

Do You Use Powered Approaches?

A lot of people do. This guy says it’s not a good idea, and I kind of agree with him. What do you think? Thanks to John McKeown for the link.     

FW190 Around Gatton

Martin Hone and Terry Kronk did themselves a nice video of Terry Flying his FW190 around the Gatton area. Enjoy….     


For those who didn’t make it to Narromine last weekend, here are Mark Gamer’s impressions. Great video Mark, pity about the music. Maybe I’m getting old.