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Mid-air Collision near Shoreham, UK

A retired British Airways Captain died when his RV6 crashed following a mid-air collision near Shoreham Airport, in the UK. The occupants of the other aircraft, a Diamond DA40, managed to land safely after the incident. Full details from the Daily Mail. Thanks to Martin Hone for the link.     

Gatton Airpark Fly-in a Great Success

It’s been said before, and here it is again: “a great time was had by all”. Indeed it was. The weather smiled upon all those who chose to attend the fly-in; threatened thunderstorms were kind enough to wait until evening before appearing, so we were treated to a beautiful late Autumn day. This year Gatton […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Florida

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Not in Oz, anyhow. Seems a young lady was enroute to Florida from NYC to see her Mum & Dad. (That’s Mom & Dad for any American readers). And then she sees the Space Shuttle Endeavour pop up through the clouds. You can or see her original […]

Flying Tigers, UK Style

Guys, here’s something you don’t see every day … Flying Tigers on skis! Does it make you want to move to someplace cold? Thanks to Martin Hone for the link.     

More Natfly, 2011

Just a few photos of the sights around Temora during Natfly. The new Carbon Cub was there; nice aircraft although priced a little higher than your average Jabiru. Still, it brings to mind images of the Alaska wilderness, cold streams with remote sandbanks. Would be nice, wouldn’t it? Or what about the Avocet, from Mike […]

Natfly 2011

Well, it’s taken me awhile to get around to posting about it, (where did I ever get the time to work before I retired?), but here goes. This year’s Natfly was, once again, interesting. Some new aeroplanes I hadn’t seen before and an interesting “Meet the Members” (MTM) session. Gordon Marshall was concerned about the […]

Whoops! A380 incident

You always take it easy when taxiing, right? Of course you do. So do the Heavies … usually. Here’s a clip from April 11, 2011 at 8:25PM local time, showing exactly why we take it easy while taxiing. Ouch! A380 hits a smaller aircraft.     

For the Birds

Here’s a video which should remind you what started it all. At last, someone’s invented a fully robotic “bird”. Aside from simply the technical achievement, think of what it will do for survellience operations. Oh, wait a minute… For more info, Click here Thanks Mal Joyner for the link     

Russian Aircraft Makes a Big Splash!

How’s this for an out-of-control barbie? Cool Russian firefighter.     

Sun ‘n’ Fun Mayhem

Misfortune strikes at this years’ Sun ‘n’ Fun in Florida. Check this video and also the stills. Doubtless it’ll remind you of the recent Avalon event where a number of aircraft were wrecked, some irreparably. Click here for the stills. Thanks to Mark Gamer and Martin Hone for the links.