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Yes, we’re still here!

Hi All. I received an email from Brian G (he knows who I mean) this morning asking if he’d been dropped from the mailing list of this site. Well I have to say, I was pleased to get his email. It means, I’m happy to say, that someone reads my blog, and apparently looks forward […]

A Letter from Michael Monck

Hi All, Published below as received is an email I received from Michael Monck this morning which concerns all members of the RAAus. I encourage you to read it and take action as you see fit. Please read… Hi, Let me begin by apologising for this unannounced email. You may or may not be aware […]

Room with a View

Yep, a room with a view. Speaks for itself, I guess. Click on the image to see it writ large….     

The Perfect Day

(Minus the BJ  ) You’ll like this one guys. Got an email from Gatton’s Flying Copper, AKA Mark Gamer, about what a great day he had. Seems, well, why don’t I let him tell you the story…..   So the call came on Wednesday:- Nigel: Hey big fella, what ya doing tomorrow? Me: Nuffin, I’m on […]

DC8 at Mach 1?

Yes, it’s true. I read it on the Internet, it must be true. At least that’s what the attached PDF file says. Great story, glad it was them and not me! Read all about it DC8 Mach1 Thanks to Martin Hone for the PDF file     

Tumut Valley Fly-in, 27th & 28th August

Hi to everyone, Just a reminder that the Tumut Valley Fly-in is on next weekend the 27th and 28th of August. This year’s event is expected to be the biggest aviation event ever held in Tumut with a wide variety of aircraft and displays. There will be various live music on the field and the […]

Gympie Progressive Flying Dinner

Hi All, This arrived in my inbox this morning … might be fun? 28 AUGUST 2011 GYMPIE (YGYM) GYMPIE AERO CLUB “PROGRESSIVE FLYING DINNER” “LEGENDARY STUFF” this is the sixteenth annual Progressive Flying Dinner Aviators of all strokes (two and four stroke/ fixed wing and rotary wing/high wing and low wing) are invited to this […]

J3 Cub Gets F-16 Escort

75 year old Myrtle Rose likes to fly her 1941 J3 Cub in the Chicago area whenever the weather is looking nice. Our kind of lady. So when her computer wasn’t working and she couldn’t look for current Notams, she didn’t really think too much of it. Until two F-16’s fell into formation beside her. […]

Open Letter to SEQ Members

Open letter to RAAus Members in South Queensland Hi All, My name is John McKeown, and I am seeking your support for a final term as one of your South Queensland Representatives on the RAAus Board. My election profile is in the magazine for all to read, so I won’t list that again here. However […]

RAAus Board Elections

A message from Kelvin Hutchinson RAAus Board Elections – South QLD Ballot With many members showing concern about secrecy, lack of vision, rigor and executive oversight by the board I have decided to stand for a board position and respectfully ask for your vote. My aviation, business and board experience has been outlined on page […]