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Baumgartner Jump Record Broken

Well, this one sneaked up on us. While Felix Baumgartner made a big song and dance about his record-breaking jump (no put-down intended), Google Senior VP Alan Eustace has broken Baumgartner’s record by jumping from a helium filled balloon 135,890 feet over New Mexico. Baumgartner’s record jump was from 128,000 feet. Eustace did all the […]

Baumgartner Takes Base Jumping to New Heights

Would you call it a giant leap for mankind? Probably not, but it’s quite a step anyway. From a capsule suspended below a helium filled balloon, Austrian Felix Baumgartner stepped out into thin air recently, 71,581 feet (13.6 miles) above Roswell, New Mexico, and free-fell for the next 3 minutes and 43 seconds before deploying […]