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RV7 – Spitfire Dogfight

Getting a bit wild in the sky over the Lockyer Valley lately… see what I mean:     

Hitch a Ride on a SRB

This is some of the most amazing – and beautiful – video I’ve ever seen. A Solid Rocket Booster’s “eye” view of a Space Shuttle launch. Watch it in full-screen mode! Video done by Martin Hone personally, one-handed, while clinging to the SRB with the other. Boy, he sure can hold his breath awhile!     

Baumgartner Takes Base Jumping to New Heights

Would you call it a giant leap for mankind? Probably not, but it’s quite a step anyway. From a capsule suspended below a helium filled balloon, Austrian Felix Baumgartner stepped out into thin air recently, 71,581 feet (13.6 miles) above Roswell, New Mexico, and free-fell for the next 3 minutes and 43 seconds before deploying […]


Martin sent me this link about a site devoted to amateur built UAV drones. Seemed to think a homemade cruise missile wouldn’t be far behind. Here’s the Link I recall a Kiwi put up a site called “How to build a cruise missile for under $5000″ a few years back. Site disappeared very quickly, too. […]

Birdman Jeb Corliss – Ouch!

Hi All, No doubt you remember my recent post about an Australian getting killed in NZ recently while doing a “wing suit” jump. And you’ve no doubt said to yourself more than once that it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed doing this. I won’t say any more … just watch this […]

Jetman, again

Jetman returns with some really good air-to-air photography. Be sure to watch in full screen mode.     

The German

Here’s a ten minute film about … a German … and an Englishman. If you’ve ever wanted to fly a Spitfire you’ll enjoy this. And if you’re into irony, you’ll also love it. Watch it full screen! The German from Nick Ryan on Vimeo.     


Hey it’s only a commercial… but I know you’ll love it! Somehow, I don’t think CASA would approve.     

So you want to fly? Try this….

These guys are amazing. This must be the closest thing to being a bird! But watch it in full screen mode – click the symbol next to “Vimeo”. Chinese Scenes from BASE-Book – Matt Gerdes on Vimeo. or what about this guy? ….. Thanks for the links, Martin.     

Spacewalker, bird’s eye view

All God’s chillun gots dem video cameras. An’ dey all be puttin’ dem videos on Youtube. Here’s another one from Martin Hone … Thanks, Martin