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Baumgartner Jump Record Broken

Well, this one sneaked up on us. While Felix Baumgartner made a big song and dance about his record-breaking jump (no put-down intended), Google Senior VP Alan Eustace has broken Baumgartner’s record by jumping from a helium filled balloon 135,890 feet over New Mexico. Baumgartner’s record jump was from 128,000 feet. Eustace did all the […]

LAA Sywell 2013, Day 2

Day 2 of the LAA fly-in at Sywell, Northamptonshire. Lots more pics: Yet more pics…..     

Extra 300 Aerobatics

Extra 300 aerobatics
Extra 300 aerobatics

Queensland copper and Gatton Airpark resident, Mark Gamer, does it in an Extra 300 off the California coast. Someone has to do it. Thanks for the link, Mark.     

Tribute to Wayne Fisher

Somebody (ausadvancedelectrical) has put together a video of Wayne Fisher at Evans Head…. Nice video. A big loss. Thanks for the link, Martin.     

Travels Around the US

“Kilcoy Boy” John Gilpin has recently returned from a trip to the US. John bought a car and a Kolb on a trailer, then did 40,000 kilometers around the States. Everywhere that looked nice, he’d put the Kolb together and go for a fly. Take a look at his blog here:     

Gold Coast at 500 feet and 120kts

Yours truly went to Sydney last week and returned yesterday (Mon 8th Oct). We departed Warnervale about 15 mins after first light and had a beautiful flight up through Williamtown, Coffs and on up to Casino in about 2:30. As we approached Casino, the clouds became lower as the ground became higher, so we stopped […]


For those who didn’t make it to Narromine last weekend, here are Mark Gamer’s impressions. Great video Mark, pity about the music. Maybe I’m getting old.     

Mark & Aerobatics

Here’s another video from Mark Gamer, doing his upsies and downsies… Note the always-perfect weather around Gattopn Airpark     

Flying over America

Here’s a cute video… although personally, I’d be disinclined to haul those steep turns in something like a Wright Flyer. Still, whatever turns you on, I guess. Thanks to Martin Hone for the link.     

World-Rounder, Helmuth Lehner

Austrian Helmuth Lehner dropped in to Boonah (YBOA) recently on his round-the-world trip from Austria. His second round-world flight. It’s taken him 100 hours to reach Boonah from Austria and he stayed only long enough to do a 100-hour service on his aircraft, a Czech built Aerospool Dynamic He departed a few days later from […]