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Brisbane Airspace restrictions 11th-18th Nov 2014

A newsletter arrived in my email inbox this morning from Rob Knight of the Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club Inc regarding temporary airspace changes in the Brisbane area during the G20 Summit to be held on 11th – 18th November. Thank you Rob. If you plan to do any flying around Brisbane whilst the G20 […]

More From Michael Monck

On 17/07/2013 11:02 AM, Michael Monck wrote: Hi, A few more weeks/months have passed since the February meeting and unfortunately things don’t seem to be getting better. It is hard to tell what is going on but from what I can gather our association is still going through some serious turmoil. We have had three […]

Michael Monck announces candidacy for RAAus board

Another email from Michael Monck in which he announces his intention to stand for the RAAus Board. If you live in NSW, vote for Michael!   Hi, It’s been a while since I have sent out an email so I figure it’s about time for an update. Once again, I apologise for the length of […]

Watts Bridge, 14th July 2012

Announcing two of the highlights of the Watts Bridge Calendar, one flying and one social.   The Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club hosts the “Fun Fly Poker Run”. 14th July 2012 Now in its 11th year the Poker Run provides a good excuse to go for a recreational fly and drop into several airfields dotted […]

Gatton Airpark Breakfast

Gatton’s annual breakfast fly-in is on this weekend (Sun 27th). This year, organisers ask that you park your aircraft on the eastern side of the field; just follow the directions of the marshalls. There’s a nice new taxiway been constructed, an exiting new breakfast menu, and the forecast is for a good day. Note also […]

Sick of Sitting in Traffic?

Try this for size: Thanks for the Link from Dave Tonks     

Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL aircraft

I know it’s not an ultralight, but this is sure a cool aircraft. Take a look… Thanks to Dave Tonks for the link     

Solve Jabiru hard starting issues

Sometimes have trouble starting your Jabiru? Many do. This may be the solution you’re looking for. Very impressive! See attached what we have been up to lately, while the LCH continue to sell well, I’ve been wanting to develop these items for some time as I see a real need for them both. The batch […]

News from Aerosport

Dear Editor : something that could be of interest.. Aerosport Aviation has a new contact based In Queensland Andre Meier will be taking care of ULPower engines and Parts and accessories. Also some hot new products on the Horizon too, check out the latest we have to offer. We are proud to announce that the […]

New Rotax 912iS

BRP-Powertrain GMBH – the Rotax people, have launched a new model in the Rotax 912 range of lightweight four-stroke power-plants. The 912iS features fuel injection and a digital engine control unit (ECU) and is claimed to posess 38% to 70% better fuel efficiency than comparable competitive engines in the light sport, ultra-light aircraft and the […]