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Sick of Sitting in Traffic?

Try this for size: Thanks for the Link from Dave Tonks     

Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL aircraft

I know it’s not an ultralight, but this is sure a cool aircraft. Take a look… Thanks to Dave Tonks for the link     

Solve Jabiru hard starting issues

Sometimes have trouble starting your Jabiru? Many do. This may be the solution you’re looking for. Very impressive! See attached what we have been up to lately, while the LCH continue to sell well, I’ve been wanting to develop these items for some time as I see a real need for them both. The batch […]

New Rotax 912iS

BRP-Powertrain GMBH – the Rotax people, have launched a new model in the Rotax 912 range of lightweight four-stroke power-plants. The 912iS features fuel injection and a digital engine control unit (ECU) and is claimed to posess 38% to 70% better fuel efficiency than comparable competitive engines in the light sport, ultra-light aircraft and the […]

Australian Flier Dies

From the Sydney Morning Herald, 17 Feb, 2012. A 40-year-old Australian man is dead following an extreme sport accident on New Zealand’s South Island. The man, who lived in Wanaka, was canopy flying when the accident occurred about midday on Thursday. Canopy flying uses a combination of skills from paragliding and sky diving, and is […]

Heard of the CTLE?

Yes, the CTLE; CT Law Enforcement. Tulsa, OKLA police have hit on the idea of using a CTLS for airborne policing instead of a helicopter. It’s vastly cheaper to operate and performs all the same functions easily. So why not? Pigs in space, indeed! :o)     

Seattle-based Aviation Partners Seeks Dismissal Of Airbus Lawsuit

Here’s the text of an email I received today … don’t know if it’s true or not, but it sure is interesting, yes?   Two Locked In A Legal Struggle Over Blended Winglet Design When Joe Clark and his business associates founded Aviation Partners, Inc. (API)  in 1991, he had no idea that he’d be […]

Santa Visits Gatton Airpark

Ho Ho Ho! Someone’s getting themselves a nice, new Sports Cruiser for Christmas. No, wait! There’s two of them! Yes, two new Sports Cruisers arrived at Gatton airpark and I joined in the fun of unpacking them. Very well packed, too; quite a bit of useful timber left over after the job was done. Take […]

Not Exactly an Ultralight but …

I just know you’ll forgive my enthusiasm for sending you this non-ultralight video. This is guaranteed to get the pulse of any aviator going. The lovely SWMBO (aka Sandra), recalls seeing one of these in a display on England’s south coast in the late 50’s. On that occasion, the aircraft did a complete roll, unlike […]

The Archon SF1

While it doesn’t sound quite right, I think it looks just great. Full points to these guys for what they’ve achieved. All the way from Greece … maybe it can help them get out of bankruptcy.