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Pssst! Want to Buy a Harrier?

Yes, folks, one lucky gentleman has bought himself a Falklands War veteran 1976 Hawker Siddeley Harrier; a steal at only £105,800. And a woman Tornado pilot bought herself a 1988 Panavia Tornado F3 for £36,800. Details here: Fighters Auctioned. It might cost a little more to operate than your average Drifter, though.     


Apologies, again, for a non-ultralight post… And please excuse my slightly philosophical ramblings. If you’re like me, you often watch the in-flight map on the screen in front of you when travelling internationally. And many times have I wondered just why we were flying over areas which are known hotspots. Just 5 weeks ago, Sandra […]

Boeing 787-9

I received a few emails this morning about the Boeing 787-9 and it’s presumed aerobatic abilities. Some people even questioned that the video they saw was real. Apparently, it was. Here’s the original link I was sent: Time video And here’s another video from the Sydney Morning Herald: SMH Video Looks fairly convincing to me. […]

Did you even know it Existed?

Of course you’ve heard of “thinking outside the box”, right? How about “thinking outside the planet”? Once again, not exactly ultralight related, but really interesting and a bit of a puzzle…. a US X-37B spaceplane in orbit for more than 500 days, and it barely gets a mention in the press. In fact, I simply […]

Blackhawk Down

From Martin Hone: One-time riding buddy, Eric Bana, was nowhere to be seen when we had our own “Blackhawk Down” at Gatton Airpark today. A fuel-related issue will be keeping it at the airpark overnight, with a couple of hardy souls sleeping onboard for security, and it is going to be a cold night too……. […]

More From Michael Monck

On 17/07/2013 11:02 AM, Michael Monck wrote: Hi, A few more weeks/months have passed since the February meeting and unfortunately things don’t seem to be getting better. It is hard to tell what is going on but from what I can gather our association is still going through some serious turmoil. We have had three […]

1/3 Scale B-17

Yes, believe it. Not R/C, but big enough for a real live pilot to sit in and fly. As yet incomplete, but not too long, it’s believed. Take a look:  Link to site/a>     

Six Rotax 912 engines stolen

Yes, six. Seems that someone broke into a hangar in Aeri Club Alt Camp of Vallmoll (Tarragona-Catalunya-Spain) and stole six Rotax engines. Three were 100hp, 3 were 80hp. Bad enough that the engines were stolen, worse that they were simply hacked from the airframes, so considerable damage was done. Also, some instrumentation was stolen. It’s […]

Savanna crash near Ballarat

Two men, believed to be enroute Avalon had a heavy arrival, courtesy of power lines, at a schoolyard near Ballarat, Vic. Don’t believe the article; the “Cessna” looks awfully like a Savanna to me. (D’oh!) Good to see that the tough little Savanna had them arriving in one piece, though. The Age Article […]

Narromine Revisited

Mark Gamer’s video of his trip to Narromine (last post) has been picked up by the ABC… you can see the ABC’s version here: ABC Video Scary, hey?