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So THAT’s why we tie them down!

Sport Cruiser on autopilot … Look Ma, no pilot!     

What’s that Beeping?

Don’t know how they could miss it. This guy really shouldn’t have a licence. You wouldn’t do that, would you?     

What goes around … catches aeroplanes!

Well, you’ve heard about it by now, I’m sure. A Cheetah S200 ultralight has crashed into a ferris wheel at Old Bar, near Taree, NSW, on Saturday. Reports of what happened are conflicting. Some say the aircraft was taking off, some say it was going around. One even said that it was landing. Difficult to […]

Reno Air Race crash

Hi All. A nasty airshow accident at the Reno Air Races. We all hate to hear about it. While we feel empathy for those who died, and the bereaved families, we also know that anyone with a sense of self-importance will loudly proclaim that these kind of events should be stopped, in the interests of […]

A Bad Week for Pilots

Hi All. Yes, it’s been a deadly week for the aviation community. 15 year-old Jacinda Twigg and her Angel Flight Pilot Don Kernot were killed when Kernot’s aircraft, a PA28-180, crashed about 60 km from its destination. Jacinda’s mother, Julie-Anne, was critically injured in the crash. CASA is investigating the accident. Also this week, an […]

Two Die in Amphibian Crash

Two men died yesterday in the crash of a Petrel amphibious ultralight at Lake Jindabyne.