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Apologies, again, for a non-ultralight post… And please excuse my slightly philosophical ramblings. If you’re like me, you often watch the in-flight map on the screen in front of you when travelling internationally. And many times have I wondered just why we were flying over areas which are known hotspots. Just 5 weeks ago, Sandra […]

Popular Flier Dies at Gatton Airpark

For the most part, I just do this blog for the heck of it. Just a hobby, don’t take it too seriously. But when I find myself reporting on the flying-related deaths of not just people who are known to me, but friends, it gives me an unpleasant feeling. Such is the case with the […]

Wayne Fisher dies in crash at Lismore

Popular Lismore pilot, Wayne Fisher died on Sunday in an accident at Lismore airport. He was believed to be test flying an RV12 on its’ maiden flight, when the aircraft stalled into the ground from a low level. He was killed on impact. Wayne was a highly experienced and skilled pilot who was well-known in […]

Savanna crash near Ballarat

Two men, believed to be enroute Avalon had a heavy arrival, courtesy of power lines, at a schoolyard near Ballarat, Vic. Don’t believe the article; the “Cessna” looks awfully like a Savanna to me. (D’oh!) Good to see that the tough little Savanna had them arriving in one piece, though. The Age Article […]

Local Aviation Identity in Fatal Plane Crash

Sad news from the Lockyer Valley with the loss of Terry Kronk when his engine failed on takeoff from Emu Gully. Martin Hone, long-time friend of Terry’s, tells the story: You would have heard by now of the latest accident here in SEQ when fellow Airpark lot owner and aviation identity Terry Kronk went down […]

Ummm, Land Straight Ahead?

Tons of time to cut the power, let it settle straight ahead. But no, keep going, maybe it will gain height. Is this another version of get-there-itis? Thanks to Martin Hone for the link.     

Tipsy Nipper Flat Spin

Don’t try this at home, kiddies. This guy is lucky to have survived this one.     

Glider Outlanding – Whoops!

Here’s some great video of a glider pilot in California making an emergency outlanding in a quiet street near San Diego. He did a pretty good job of it, too, until he clipped a wing on a letterbox, bringing his rollout to an abrupt end. The pilot admits that he’d put himself and his aircraft […]


I just don’t believe this. The cameraman should have been chewed to bits. What do you think?     

Australian Flier Dies

From the Sydney Morning Herald, 17 Feb, 2012. A 40-year-old Australian man is dead following an extreme sport accident on New Zealand’s South Island. The man, who lived in Wanaka, was canopy flying when the accident occurred about midday on Thursday. Canopy flying uses a combination of skills from paragliding and sky diving, and is […]