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News from Aerosport

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something that could be of interest..

Aerosport Aviation has a new contact based In Queensland Andre Meier will be taking care of ULPower engines and Parts and accessories.

Also some hot new products on the Horizon too, check out the latest we have to offer.

We are proud to announce that the range of engines on offer is extended with 4 new types 6-cylinder engines, ranging from 140 hp to 200 hp.

The installed weight of the UL520i and UL520iS is 108 kg [242 lb] and like the popular UL260 and UL350 line of engines the new engines are direct drive, horizontally opposed, air cooled, electronic ignition, multi-port fuel injection and FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). The FADEC system controls the fuel/air ratio and ignition from start-up to shutdown so the engine is always operating at optimal performance thereby increasing power and economy while minimizing wear and tear and reducing pilot workload.

The result is startling! Convince yourself by reading specifications below.

All engines have following configuration:
– 7 bearing crankshaft with thrust ball bearing
– Direct drive
– Air cooled
– Multipoint electronic fuel injection with automatic compensation for altitude and temperature
– Redundant dual electronic ignition
– High fuel efficiency
– Excellent power to weight ratio

The UL520i and UL520iS are available now, the UL390i and UL390iS need more ground tests before we can release them.


Andre Meier

Aerosport Aviation (
ULPower (
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251 Lee Martin Rd
RD1 Cambridge,
New Zealand

PH: +64 7 8295940
M: +64 21 953 718

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