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Boeing 787-9

I received a few emails this morning about the Boeing 787-9 and it’s presumed aerobatic abilities. Some people even questioned that the video they saw was real.

Apparently, it was.

Here’s the original link I was sent: Time video

And here’s another video from the Sydney Morning Herald: SMH Video

Looks fairly convincing to me.

I have to say, when we attended Farnborough a few years ago and watched a demo flight by the then new A380, we were very impressed by it’s handling abilities. And the crew was pulling very much the same sort of stunts as was the crew of the 787-9.

We were amazed by the 380’s “low and slow” abilities. It looked like it was just going too slow to fly. But no, it really is a great aeroplane, as, it appears, is the 787-9.

Apologies for the non-ultralight nature of the post. I just thought you’d find it interesting.

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