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In Case You’re Sometimes Tempted….

Here’s a photo and text emailed to me recently. Don’t try this at home, kiddies!

How low can you go?

Time for an old fashioned beat-up? The price of irresponsibility can be high. This is a real photograph!

Sometimes the regulatory authorities seem to over-do the restrictions on pilots at Airshows, Races and Displays. There are some sound reasons they do this. A review of the fatal crashes at such events in the last ten years is sobering. Go back 40 years and it is staggering. Some really horrible crashes have occurred. Some pilots do get carried away with showing off. Collisions occur, mechanical failure can be catastrophic (especially near the crowd) and low level aerobatics have frequently turned fatal. Thinking you are nearly as good as Bob Hoover, Lefty Gardiner or Steve Hinton in their prime is a fast way to die. Give it a big miss!

Leave Airshow flying for the experts.

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