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Col in the CT

Hi All.

I’m Colin Johnson. I’m a PPL/Ultralight pilot and I thought it might be fun to build an Australian aviation blog.

I’ve been flying since I was in my teens, gaining my PPL at around 25. Since then I’ve had several interruptions to my flying, namely marriage, kids, mortgage. You know how it is.

Time passed, the marriage died, and I met Sandra via an Internet site about 8 years ago. Sandra had her own aircraft (a SIPA 903), wanted to live in Australia, where she already had some family.


Col, Sandra & the Sipa

Well, the SIPA’s long gone and we’re now on our second CT, a German designed ultralight. We considered things like a C172, Cherokee, that sort of thing, but the numbers didn’t stack up. We haven’t regretted our decision to go the ultralight route.

Between us we now have 500+ hours in CT’s. Couldn’t afford that with a 172, could we?

Hope you enjoy the blog!


She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Yes, fellow Aviators, my lovely aviatrix wife, Sandra.

The Lovely Sandra

She Who Must Be Obeyed, the Lovely Sandra

A native of England, but transplanted in recent years to Australia. No, NOT transported.

When I met Sandra, she had her own aircraft, a SIPA 903. A 1947 French designed, two-seat trainer in which we used to fly around southern England. Planned a trip to France in her once, but the weather had other ideas.

Sandra & her SIPA 903

Sandra & her SIPA 903 at the PFA Rally, Kemble, 2003

Sadly, we bade goodbye to the SIPA, but we’re now into our second CT, and enjoying the unfettered Australian skies.

Perhaps you’ll see us around the place, one of these days.

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